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What to Worry About in 2017: Housing Market Edition

Et Tu, Fannie & Freddie? Stocks are breaking records, the dollar’s soaring, and gas at the pump is still (too?) cheap. And, y’know, the economy actually doesn’t seem to be doing too badly. What could go wrong? (at least, in the housing market). If you’re going to be a worrier, anyways, you might as well worry...
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2nd Half 2011 Housing Kickoff

What’s in Store? In keeping with my patented formula for predicting future housing prices — extrapolate current trends — herewith is my forecast for the second half of 2011: –Continued, record-low mortgage and interest rates; –Brisk demand for affordable, updated homes in high-demand Twin Cities neighborhoods (think, Linden Hills, Morningside, Fern Hill, Tyrol Hills, etc.); –Anemic...
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Things That Make Housing More Expensive

Real Estate Pop Quiz Quick, which of the following items make housing more expensive? A. Higher interest rates; B.  Limiting (or eliminating) the mortgage interest deduction; C.  Less capital for funding mortgages, due to a shrinking role played by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the so-called Government-sponsored enterprises); D.  Requiring Buyers to put down 20%....
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Defending the Mortgage Interest Deduction (or not)

Fewer Realtors = Less Lobbying Clout Want to know another reason why the mortgage interest deduction for homeowners is in jeopardy as never before? It’s not just because the budget deficit is ballooning, prompting policymakers to look for novel ways to raise revenue (although that’s certainly true). And it’s not because the philosophical case for the deduction —...
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Biggest Threat to Housing?

Housing Multiple Choice What do local real estate insiders think is the biggest threat to housing prices prospectively? A.  The winding down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. B.  A spike in mortgage rates. C.  Phasing out the mortgage interest deduction. D.  Imposing a tax on real estate commissions. *Answer:  C The above observation is...
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More Pressure on Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Strapped Governments Look for “Honey Pots” “Because that’s where the money is.” –bank robber Willie Sutton, explaining why he targeted banksFor the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks, financially strapped governments (federal and state) inevitably are going to revisit the home mortgage interest deduction as they seek to close record deficits. (Also getting scrutiny: deductions...
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