July 5, 2011

How Realtors Would Solve the Minnesota Budget Impasse

More Zero’s, Same Principles Let’s say you were trying to re-start a stalled negotiation over a house where the Seller’s last asking price was $357,000, and the Buyer’s last offer was $340,000. Where would you expect the middle ground to be? Give or take, somewhere in the high $340’s. Compromise Number Add five zeroes, and that’s...
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2nd Half 2011 Housing Kickoff

What’s in Store? In keeping with my patented formula for predicting future housing prices — extrapolate current trends — herewith is my forecast for the second half of 2011: –Continued, record-low mortgage and interest rates; –Brisk demand for affordable, updated homes in high-demand Twin Cities neighborhoods (think, Linden Hills, Morningside, Fern Hill, Tyrol Hills, etc.); –Anemic...
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Predicting Prices at the Pump

Gas Price Chicken-or-the-Egg Once upon a time, I used to think that you forecasted oil stocks by watching prices at the pump:  falling gas prices were bearish for the stocks; rising prices, bullish. Now, I think it’s the reverse, i.e., to forecast prices at the pump, you watch the action in oil company stocks. So, what...
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“Real Housewives of the Twin Cities”

Guilty Pleasures First, a disclaimer:  the reason I picked up a newsstand copy of “The Real Housewives of the Twin Cities” — the July issue of Mpls – St. Paul magazine — wasn’t to find out who the five women were, where they shop, or eavesdrop on any juicy gossip, titillating personal details, etc. No,...
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