Mitt Romney

Behold! Matt Taibbi’s “Archipelago Man”

Successor to Thomas Wolfe’s “Master of the Universe” Once upon a time, human beings were lowly Neanderthals. Gradually, Neanderthals evolved into Cro-Magnons, and from there into Homo Sapiens. What is mankind’s next (d)evolutionary step? According to muckraking journalist (and amateur anthropologist) Matt Taibbi, it is “Archipelago Man,” as personified by none other than Mitt Romney. Archipelago Man in...
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Running for President (& Running & Running)

Why People (OK, Me) Don’t Respect Today’s Politicians If you want instant analysis of Paul Ryan’s selection as Mitt Romney’s running mate . . . believe me, you’ve got lots of (other) blogs to turn to. I’ll limit myself to this parting shot: Unless Mitt Romney is elected and subsequently serves two full terms, the...
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Taxing Capital Gains

Quid Pro Quo:  Higher Rate for Inflation Indexing With Mitt (“Carried Interest”) Romney ascendant — and the U.S. deficit bulging — capital gains’ current, historically low tax rate (15% for long-term gains) is coming under intensifying scrutiny. Should capital gains be taxed higher — and more like earned income? Probably. But they almost certainly should be indexed...
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