February 1, 2012

Minneapolis Property Tax “Sticker Shock”

Test your knowledge of current Minneapolis property taxes, and guess what tax bill goes with this 5 BR/5 BA Kenwood home just north of Lake of the Isles, listed at $799,900: A.  $6,479 B.  $9,123 C.  $12,815 D. $24,286 Answer:  D. Yup, depending on how much they put down and what kind of mortgage they...
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Taxing Capital Gains

Quid Pro Quo:  Higher Rate for Inflation Indexing With Mitt (“Carried Interest”) Romney ascendant — and the U.S. deficit bulging — capital gains’ current, historically low tax rate (15% for long-term gains) is coming under intensifying scrutiny. Should capital gains be taxed higher — and more like earned income? Probably. But they almost certainly should be indexed...
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Review: “Yogurt Lab” in Minneapolis’ Uptown

“Buy By the Acre Ton, Sell By the Square Foot Ounce” No, I’m not calling the housing bottom. But, I’m willing to predict that Yogurt Lab, the new self-serve yogurt shop on Excelsior Blvd. near Uptown, is going to be a hit. How do I know? It was mobbed — on a recent weeknight! —...
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