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The Virtues of Living Across From a Cemetery (Really!)

“Okay so, yes, it is across from a cemetery, BUT there’s nary a gravestone in site. It’s more like living across from a VERY QUIET park. In fact, it makes the views quiet uniquely tranquil for a city home. It also means there will never be neighbors across the street, which means there’s less of...
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Marketing Gimmicks – Exhibit A, or, Guess What the Price Will Be Next Week??

$100 Off Weekly, Five Weeks in Row  [Editor’s note:  if the screen shot above is too hard to decipher, it shows a home that’s dropped $100 each of the last five weeks, from $475,000 to $474,900, then to $474,800, etc. The current price is $474,500.] If you added a zero (or two), you might actually...
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That Garage is HOW BIG?!? — Take 2

Real Estate Photography 101 Buyers will find out soon enough that this cute Longfellow (Minneapolis) home only has a one-car garage. But, the combination of the (head-on) angle and the bright red color make it rather inescapable. Marketing Strategy? I don’t agree with it in this case, but there IS a school of thought that says...
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“Bicycle-Delivered Coffee”

Beyond “Fair Trade” ** What is beyond “Fair Trade?” Fair Trade products delivered by bicycle. Which Minneapolis-based “Peace Coffee” claims it does. Demo’ing its (very tasty) product at the local Whole Foods over lunch hour, I pressed the company’s sales rep whether that policy applied equally in January as in June. He insisted it did. The...
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Brand Extensions — Smart Phone Version

“Evo 3-D,” Anyone?  In a world where new cell phone models seem to be coming out daily, how do you tell which one(s) are the real deal vs. a flash in the pan? I subscribe to what I’ll call the “brand extension” theory — namely, if you want to know which products have a shot...
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It’s All in the Punctuation(?)

“A” for Honesty freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems! –excerpt, new MLS listing Normally, you associate exclamation marks in real estate marketing with superlatives.  Such as: “Gorgeous new Kitchen!” “Amazing lot and setting!” “Beautiful built-in’s and mill work!” So, “freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems!” comes across as a bit  ....
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