September 12, 2014

2014 Edina Realty Legends Lunch

Reasons to Attend Why go to Edina Realty’s annual Legends lunch? (a perk for agents with the company 10 years or more). A. To get a (very) nice free meal. B. To buttonhole someone from Edina Legal with an urgent question (I found my go-to guy, Edina Realty General Counsel Mark Christopherson, photo above — and yes,...
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That Garage is HOW BIG?!? — Take 2

Real Estate Photography 101 Buyers will find out soon enough that this cute Longfellow (Minneapolis) home only has a one-car garage. But, the combination of the (head-on) angle and the bright red color make it rather inescapable. Marketing Strategy? I don’t agree with it in this case, but there IS a school of thought that says...
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