April 30, 2011

It’s All in the Punctuation(?)

“A” for Honesty freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems! –excerpt, new MLS listing Normally, you associate exclamation marks in real estate marketing with superlatives.  Such as: “Gorgeous new Kitchen!” “Amazing lot and setting!” “Beautiful built-in’s and mill work!” So, “freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems!” comes across as a bit  ....
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Rental Car Sticker Shock

Four Two for the Price of One Checking online for a rental car in the Bay Area this summer, I’ve been shocked at what appears to be the going rate for a minivan for a week:  anywhere from $850 to more than $1,200(!). Really. Which inspired Plan B. Namely, rent two economy cars instead. The...
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How to Blow a Seller’s Good Will — and a $150 Closing Gift

Penny Wise Foolish, Pound Foolish, or, “Minnesota Not-Nice” When it comes to real estate transactions, graciousness begets graciousness, and pettiness begets . . . lack of graciousness. In the vast majority of deals, whatever tensions may have accompanied the negotiations are long forgotten, clearing the way for a warm and amicable closing. Which is only natural: ...
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