Linden Hills

Twin Cities’ Most — and Least — Known Neighborhoods

Not-So-Name Brand Minneapolis Neighborhoods If you have kids and live in the Twin Cities, you’ve doubtless heard of Minneapolis’ Linden Hills neighborhood. With Lake Harriet on the east and Lake Calhoun on the north; terrific retail and coffee shops; and a range of housing (prices, style), it ranks amongst the Twin Cities’ most popular. But,...
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Exceptional Property . . . Exceptional Turnout

3920 Thomas Ave. South in Minneapolis’ Linden Hills Neighborhood One of the best signs for a “For Sale” home is a well-attended Broker Tour (an open house for Realtors, held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Tuesday in the Twin Cities). What’s another? When a just-completed new home — in this case, Morgan Clawson’s listing on...
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Jerk Move in Linden Hills, Followed by Nice One

“Not-So-Minnesota Nice” Leaving the always terrific Clancey’s butcher shop in Linden Hills yesterday, I was chagrined to discover a black BMW parked scarcely 3″ in front of my car, effectively boxing me in. Watching the situation unfold, Clancey’s busy owner, Kristin Tombers, came outside and introduced herself. Kristin offered a description of the offender, and...
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(More) Signs of a Hot Twin Cities Housing Market

List Price Multiple Choice This is a two-parter. Question #1:  The list price for this Twin Cities 4 BR/2 Bath 1950’s rambler — new on the market last Friday (3/24) — is . . . A. $219,900k B. $299,900 C. $425,000 D. $619,900 Answer:  “D.” Question #2:  the reason it’s likely to get that amount...
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The Twin Cities’ Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

Putting Starbucks to Shame “Starbucks is Expanding Its ‘Reserve’ Brand Amid Super-Premium Coffee War.” –Fortune magazine Starbucks has nothing on Linden Hills’ Coffee & Tea Ltd. While the ubiquitous Seattle-based company plans to roll out a new chain of high-end coffee bars, Coffee & Tea Ltd. has long sold an exotic type of coffee bean,...
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“Lake Nokomis-y” vs. “Lake Harriet-ish”

Realtor Shorthand for Minneapolis Neighborhoods A knowledgeable Twin Cities Buyer’s agent would never say they had a client looking for a home near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis (“Lake Harriet-ish,” I suppose). Instead, they’d name the various neighborhoods adjacent to it:  Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, East Harriet, and Fulton (just to the southwest) — each with (surprisingly)...
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