March 28, 2017

What the Ideal NFL Stadium Would Look Like

Publicly Financed, $1 Billion Buildings . . . in Use 4 Hours a Week, Less Than Half the Year Building football stadiums with public dollars is in fact a mug’s game. With eight regular-season games, pro football rarely if ever pays for itself, no matter how many fictional economic impact reports the league’s captive economists...
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“Just Sign Here!” Is it “Paperwork?” Or, “a Legal Contract?”

Putting Clients at Ease (Just Not Too Much) My guess is, if you’ve worked with a Realtor (or any salesperson) lately, what you were ultimately asked to sign wasn’t referred to as a “legal contract.” It was called “paperwork” (sample agent-to-client dialogue: “if you’re comfortable with everything we discussed, let’s get the paperwork taken care...
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(More) Signs of a Hot Twin Cities Housing Market

List Price Multiple Choice This is a two-parter. Question #1:  The list price for this Twin Cities 4 BR/2 Bath 1950’s rambler — new on the market last Friday (3/24) — is . . . A. $219,900k B. $299,900 C. $425,000 D. $619,900 Answer:  “D.” Question #2:  the reason it’s likely to get that amount...
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