Not-So-Name Brand Minneapolis Neighborhoods

If you have kids and live in the Twin Cities, you’ve doubtless heard of Minneapolis’ Linden Hills neighborhood.

With Lake Harriet on the east and Lake Calhoun on the north; terrific retail and coffee shops; and a range of housing (prices, style), it ranks amongst the Twin Cities’ most popular.

But, have you ever heard of Minneapolis’ “Field” or “Northrop” neighborhoods?

How about “Shenandoah Terrace?”**

Likely not.

But you certainly know some of the area’s prime attractions:  proximity to Minnehaha Creek (just to the South) and Lake Nokomis (east); lots of well-built, character-filled Tudor’s and bungalows; and terrific retail and coffee shops at 48th and Chicago.

Sound familiar?

Elusive Boundaries

In fact, both neighborhoods boast their own Turtle Bread stores (48th & Chicago’s is bigger), and a similar, overall feel.

But, there’s no one label (that I know of) that defines the area anchored by 48th & Chicago.

“Field” is the neighborhood on the west; “Northrop,” the east.

Meanwhile, to the north and northeast are up-and-coming neighborhoods Bancroft and Standish, respectively.

Especially when an area has overlapping identities and blurred geographic boundaries, no one neighborhood name seems to stand out.

P.S.: Another example of this phenomenon is near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.

The adjacent neighborhoods — encompassing at most a couple hundred homes — include South Bryn Mawr (Minneapolis); Sunset Gables (Minneapolis); Fern Hill (St. Louis Park); Lake Forest (St. Louis Park); and “CIDNA” (technically, a Minneapolis neighborhood association:  ‘Cedar-Isles-Dean’).

And that’s just one side of the lake!


**Technically, “Shenandoah Terrace” is a legal subdivision, not a neighborhood name.

See also, “Minneapolis Neighborhood Names: a Primer for Newcomers (and New Drivers**).”

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