light rail

On Sale: Sunset Gables by Cedar Lake in Minneapolis

What Sellers Need:  Patience . . . and Price Cuts Not every home on the 2700 block of Ewing Ave. South in Minneapolis is currently for sale. It just seems that way. In fact, on the west side of the street, there is now a stretch of eight homes where four are currently on the...
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LRT Deep Tunnel Alternative(s): Don’t Bury Trains. Instead, Elevate Bikes

Who Needs an Expensive Colorado Consultant?? So, the deep tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail Corridor is apparently a “no go” (too expensive). What’s next? Everyone (including the Met Council’s high-priced Pueblo, CO consultant) is now going back to the drawing board, (re)examining all options, and reconvening in a month. If that’s the case, here’s seconding my...
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The Best Way to Explore the Twin Cities (Not During Winter)

A Multi-Modal Bicyle Adventure The best way to explore the Twin Cities? You certainly notice things on foot — but your range is limited that way. A car solves the latter problem but at the expense of the former. Which leaves . . . . bicyling!  — or in our case, two stints on bikes leveraged by...
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The Big Dig — St. Paul Version

Retail No-Man’s Land Count me amongst the Twin Citians that had no idea that the next leg of  the Twin Cities’ light rail system — the Central Corridor along University Ave. — was so far along. Traveling in the area this morning, I had expected to see a couple blocks under construction, with the attendant traffic snafus....
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St. Louis Park & Light Rail

Bullish on the Light Rail Corridor Just because I don’t make market calls (“How Clear Are Realtors’ Crystal Balls?“) doesn’t mean that I don’t give clients input — and lots of it — regarding neighborhood trends, prospective development, and the like. A good example of that is St. Louis Park and the light rail corridor....
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