January 12, 2010

"Watch Step" (& Other Double Entendres)

“Watch Step?? Why, What’s It Going to Do?” Chalk it up to the late hour, or perhaps the antihistamines in my system. Regardless, while ordering a “Watch Step” sign online for an upcoming listing the other night, I was transported back to a great stand up bit I heard at a club in the Bay...
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Realtor Cost Saving Tips

But Do They Ask for Directions? I got a great idea from a colleague today on how to save on my gas bill — and car washes, too. When she shows homes, she lets her client drive, and she navigates! But for the fact that I’m prone to motion sickness when I’m not driving ....
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St. Louis Park & Light Rail

Bullish on the Light Rail Corridor Just because I don’t make market calls (“How Clear Are Realtors’ Crystal Balls?“) doesn’t mean that I don’t give clients input — and lots of it — regarding neighborhood trends, prospective development, and the like. A good example of that is St. Louis Park and the light rail corridor....
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