Who Needs an Expensive Colorado Consultant??

So, the deep tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail Corridor is apparently a “no go” (too expensive).

elevatedWhat’s next?

Everyone (including the Met Council’s high-priced Pueblo, CO consultant) is now going back to the drawing board, (re)examining all options, and reconvening in a month.

If that’s the case, here’s seconding my #2 son’s idea to build an elevated bike path.

In fact, just such a plan has been floated for London.

As my (almost) 11 year-old observed, it seems a lot cheaper to build an elevated platform for bikes than a tunnel for trains.

Way to go, Gabriel!

P.S.:  Here’s my 2¢:  take some of the savings not building a tunnel, and earmark it for a big, fat architectural commission.

Then, hold an international design competition pitched at “stars” like Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava,  etc.

The result could be a signature creation for the Twin Cities every bit as iconic as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge or St. Louis’ Gateway Arch.

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