Quentin Tarantino For Wimps

Quick!  Who What Does an Executioner Execute?** If you like Quentin Tarantino’s movies but not all the Tarantino-esque violence and gore, I’ve got an alternative:  read the screenplay instead. That’s an option for Tarantino’s latest movie, “The Hateful Eight,” because the movie was adapted from Tarantino’s earlier screenplay. At least on the page, you can...
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Lawrence Lessig For President!

Lawrence Who?!? What do you do if like Donald Trump’s message, but are repulsed by the messenger? According to polls, Trump is leading the Republican field because millions like his message:  that today’s money-soaked politics serves the interests of a select few — and disserves the interests of everyone else. Meanwhile, it’s equally clear that...
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LRT Deep Tunnel Alternative(s): Don’t Bury Trains. Instead, Elevate Bikes

Who Needs an Expensive Colorado Consultant?? So, the deep tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail Corridor is apparently a “no go” (too expensive). What’s next? Everyone (including the Met Council’s high-priced Pueblo, CO consultant) is now going back to the drawing board, (re)examining all options, and reconvening in a month. If that’s the case, here’s seconding my...
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