August 11, 2015

Lawrence Lessig For President!

Lawrence Who?!? What do you do if like Donald Trump’s message, but are repulsed by the messenger? According to polls, Trump is leading the Republican field because millions like his message:  that today’s money-soaked politics serves the interests of a select few — and disserves the interests of everyone else. Meanwhile, it’s equally clear that...
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“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a . . . Drone?!?”

Drones may be controversial in modern warfare. But, there’s at least one field where they’re an unmitigated blessing:  residential real estate. Specifically, drones — or at least their first cousins, remote-controlled helicopters — have dramatically reduced the cost of getting shots like the ones of this home, in Golden Valley’s Hidden Lakes neighborhood. See also, “Show >...
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