deep tunnel option

LRT Deep Tunnel Alternative(s): Don’t Bury Trains. Instead, Elevate Bikes

Who Needs an Expensive Colorado Consultant?? So, the deep tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail Corridor is apparently a “no go” (too expensive). What’s next? Everyone (including the Met Council’s high-priced Pueblo, CO consultant) is now going back to the drawing board, (re)examining all options, and reconvening in a month. If that’s the case, here’s seconding my...
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“Getting Light Rail Right”: a Recommendation

(Because) Ugly is Forever As a long-time Minneapolis resident, homeowner, taxpayer, parent, parent of a serious teenage bicyclist, local Realtor, native Minnesotan, U of MN alum, arts and culture patron, Cedar Lake neighbor (and maybe a few other hats I can’t think of at the moment), there are few people with more of a vested...
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