June 9, 2011

Fuel Choices: DSL & Wi-Fi??

When the gas station sign abbreviates “Diesel” as “DSL” — it gets your attention (or at least mine). For somebody with technology on their brain (see, “Cool App’s — and Their Limits“), DSL stands for “Digital Subscriber Line,” not “Diesel.” Along with cable modems, wi-fi hot spots, and dial-up (still), DSL is a popular way...
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The Case For Regional Energy Policies

One Size Doesn’t Fit All While energy sources like sunlight and wind are free and naturally replenished, converting them into large quantities of electricity requires vast amounts of natural resources ” most notably, land. –Robert Bryce, “The Gas is Greener“; The New York Times (6/7/2011) My Midwesterner’s reaction to Bryce’s piece? “So, what’s the problem?”...
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The Big Dig — St. Paul Version

Retail No-Man’s Land Count me amongst the Twin Citians that had no idea that the next leg of  the Twin Cities’ light rail system — the Central Corridor along University Ave. — was so far along. Traveling in the area this morning, I had expected to see a couple blocks under construction, with the attendant traffic snafus....
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Cool App’s — and Their Limits

App Explosion Urban Spoon.  Dropbox.  Around Me.  Evernote.  Keynote.  Wikihood.  Posterous. Those are just some of the apps — for smartphones and tablets — that I heard discussed (and extolled) at a Realtor conference this morning. Yes, I recognize their utility. And yes, I ‘m sure I’ll have my favorites by the end of the...
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