Can Curb Appeal Be Quantified?

Three Quibbles A new study purports to put a number on the value of curb appeal: 7%. The study’s authors did that by analyzing Google Street View photos and sales data from 88,980 properties in the greater Denver area. Specifically, they performed these three steps: “The researchers manually scored a set of properties, grading 400 images...
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“Never Mind the House — What About the Garage??”

The Minnesota Home With a 16-Car, Heated Garage OK, so the garage pictured above isn’t in Minnesota, and, technically, it’s not even a garage: it’s a “car museum,” located on an 80 acre estate outside of Denver that’s owned by a retired race car driver. Capacity? Over one hundred cars! The price tag for the...
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Pretty-as-a-Picture (Literally) Paonia

“Hmm . . . I wonder where THAT is!?!,” I mused, studying the painting of the gorgeous Colorado mountain (above) while eating lunch at a local restaurant. Then I looked up. Give the painter credit for perfectly capturing 11,400 foot Mount Lamborn, looming over Paonia from about 10 miles to the northeast (photo, left). The...
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“Do You Know Someone Moving to Denver? Refer Me, and Get a Bonus!”

“You Know a Housing Market’s Hot When . . .” I’ll occasionally get marketing pieces from agents active in Scottsdale, Florida, or other warm spots Minnesotans are known to congregate, especially in the (very) cold winter months. But, I don’t recall getting a pitch from someone based in Denver, soliciting referrals, like the one I got...
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Denver Builder: ‘We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building’

“You Know What They Meant” Dept. If a person (presumably a woman) can be well-accessorized, can a new condo building — in this case, a 34-story Denver tower called “The Confluence” — be well-amenitized? At least according to the builder, yes: “We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building with tremendous views, close to...
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