January 4, 2015

Slow-Motion Sunset

I’m not going to charter a jet to watch a solar eclipse from some exotic locale, or pay a private company $100,000 (is that what it costs?) to see earth from space. But, I did just experience the poor man’s equivalent:  a sunset that seemed to last forever. At least, that’s how it appears if...
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“Will the Last Active Investor Please Turn Out the Lights?”

Indexing’s Looming “Free Rider” Problem “If you’ve been playing poker for a half-hour, and you don’t know who the patsy at the table is . . . it’s you.” –Warren Buffett “Index funds run by Vanguard see record inflows as savers turn to autopilot.” –“Investors Shun Stock Pickers”; The WSJ (1/5/2015) I’m a long-time fan...
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Denver Builder: ‘We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building’

“You Know What They Meant” Dept. If a person (presumably a woman) can be well-accessorized, can a new condo building — in this case, a 34-story Denver tower called “The Confluence” — be well-amenitized? At least according to the builder, yes: “We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building with tremendous views, close to...
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