Pre-Holiday Pluses & Minuses for Home Buyers

When “Less” Can Be More Every time of year has pluses and minuses for home Buyers and Sellers. The lead-up to a long holiday weekend — in this case, July 4 — is no different. Pluses, from the Buyers’ perspective: –Less competition for homes; less chance of a home that a Buyer wants to see...
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“Earnest Money Due After Inspection Contingency Removed”

When the (Earnest Money) Check ISN’T in the Mail Normally, the Buyer’s earnest money check is due as soon as the Buyer and Seller have entered into a valid Purchase Agreement. However, I just handled a deal where the Buyer’s offer stipulated that the earnest money wasn’t due until after the Inspection Contingency had been...
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Twin Cities Contractors: In Demand

Need a Contractor? Take a Number If you’re a Twin Cities homeowner trying to remodel a Bath, re-paint the Amusement Room, or even deal with a plumbing emergency, you doubtless already know:  local contractors are in scarce supply. So, which trade/specialty has the longest backlog right now? My nominee is radon remediation contractors. Thanks to beefed-up...
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“Ghost Highway”

Highway 100 Between 394 and 62 on Weekends Even with all the advance notice about pending construction, it’s still a bit eerie to see six or so miles of what’s ordinarily heavily trafficked Twin Cities freeway . . . completely empty. You know it’s a major hassle when the “Detour” signs direct drivers to Highway...
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“Sell in May & Go Away?”* Not If You’re (Also) a Buyer

Soft(er) Summer Pricing Housing market conventional wisdom is that Buyers have more choices — but pay higher prices — in the busier Spring market vs. waiting for Fall. Fortunately for Twin Cities Buyers (less so for Sellers), there are some early indications that that may not be the case this year. So, my Buyers —...
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“Help! Get Me the Help Line for the Help Line!”

Unhelpful “Help”:  Profit Center For Them, Aggravation Center for Customers Tied up in knots recently with Intuit’s “Quicken” financial software, I reluctantly popped another $35 for access to their help line for 3 months. Yup, Intuit charges for customer service (make that, “premium customer service”). Which just made me even more aggravated, given all the 27...
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