March 29, 2015

“Ghost Highway”

Highway 100 Between 394 and 62 on Weekends Even with all the advance notice about pending construction, it’s still a bit eerie to see six or so miles of what’s ordinarily heavily trafficked Twin Cities freeway . . . completely empty. You know it’s a major hassle when the “Detour” signs direct drivers to Highway...
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Advice to Housing Consumers From Non-Realtors: Some Useful Nuggets — and Some Misinformation

Real Estate “How-To” Articles Unlike the general public, I don’t read articles like “How to Stay on Top of Your Home Closing” (Angie’s List) to learn anything new (or, at least I hope I don’t). Rather, I read the articles to see how sound their advice to consumers is. On that score, the Angie’s List piece...
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