Beyoncé Music Math

Smaller Pie, Bigger Slice? “Target Corp. apparently doesn’t want to put a ring on it. The Minneapolis-based retailer confirmed Tuesday that it will not sell the CD version of Beyoncé’s latest self-titled album because the pop superstar decided to release it on iTunes first.” –“Target Says “No” to New Beyoncé Album“; The Star Tribune (12/18/2013)...
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The Contract for Deed “Catch-22”

CD’s and Market Risk Contracts for Deed can be a great option for home sellers with lots of equity, and Buyers who can’t otherwise qualify for a mortgage at a good rate. Under the usual terms, the Buyer comes up with a down payment, then makes monthly payments to the Seller for a prescribed period — often...
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Flushing Savers From Their Foxholes

“Certificates of Confiscation” Once Again? Certificate of Confiscation: 1970’s term for bonds, certificates of deposit (CD’s), etc. yielding less than (rising) inflation. How do you get people (and corporations and banks) to stop hoarding cash, and put it to work, stimulating the economy? Reduce interest rates to zero. But what if that still doesn’t do...
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Alternative Financing: Back to the Future?

Contracts for Deed & Assignable Mortgages Last Fall, Edina Realty’s excellent legal department identified FHA loans and short sales as the two, big looming issues for Realtors to prepare for in 2009. Good call. So, what is Edina legal predicting will be big in 2010? Alternative financing. As in, contracts for deed and mortgage assumptions....
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Low Interest Rates for Savers

1.5% in Really Big Type is Still . . . 1.5%Just a heads up to whoever writes the marketing copy for banks advertising “fat” interest rates on their saving deposits, CD’s, etc.: 1.5% in really big type is still just 1.5%. And it doesn’t matter how pleased the actors in the ads look.
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