Smaller Pie, Bigger Slice?

“Target Corp. apparently doesn’t want to put a ring on it.

The Minneapolis-based retailer confirmed Tuesday that it will not sell the CD version of Beyoncé’s latest self-titled album because the pop superstar decided to release it on iTunes first.”

–“Target Says “No” to New Beyoncé Album“; The Star Tribune (12/18/2013)

What does one make of Beyoncé releasing her latest album directly on iTunes, bypassing (at least this time) retail outlets like Target?

beyonceShe would rather have a bigger slice of a smaller revenue pie, than a smaller slice of a bigger pie.

Projected Sales & Net Income — Two Scenarios

So, assuming that Beyoncé sells 3 million albums at $15 apiece on iTunes and splits that with Apple, she’ll net something like $22.5 million.

Alternatively, if “bricks-and-mortar” retailers like Target remit only 20% to artists (my guess), Beyonce’s album would have to sell something like 7.5 million CD’s to net the same $22.5 million.

Looks like she put her money (literally) on Option #1.

P.S.: So have other entertainers like comedian Louis CK, who released a comedy album directly on the Internet last year.

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