Beyoncé Music Math

Smaller Pie, Bigger Slice? “Target Corp. apparently doesn’t want to put a ring on it. The Minneapolis-based retailer confirmed Tuesday that it will not sell the CD version of Beyoncé’s latest self-titled album because the pop superstar decided to release it on iTunes first.” –“Target Says “No” to New Beyoncé Album“; The Star Tribune (12/18/2013)...
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The Virtual Vending Machine

“Would You Like Fries With That . . . Program?” So, who just got the $1.99 I paid last night to watch a Season 3 episode of “Breaking Bad,” the terrific (dare I say addictive?) AMC series about a chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer: A.  Netflix B.   Amazon.com C.  Blockbuster Video D.  DISH (pay-per-view) Answer:  B Once upon a...
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