January 26, 2011

“Upcharges” vs. “Downcharges”

What’s an “upcharge?” When the waiter informs you that it will be an extra $3 to guaranty that no eel or shrimp come with the “sushi combo” lunch special (true). (I took my chances, and declined to pay it). So, what’s a “downcharge?” When the cashier at The Wedge reminds you that you have $5 in...
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Lunch Plans: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

“Free at 1 p.m?” This anecdote is courtesy of Stefan Swanepoel, keynote speaker at Edina Realty’s 2011 annual meeting held last week: A Baby Boomer who wants to have lunch with an acquaintance will call or email two weeks in advance, then exchange multiple emails/phone calls over the ensuing two weeks to fine-tune the time and location. The Millennial (“Gen Y’er”)?...
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“Realtor Sphere?” More like “Pyramid”

“Don’t be a secret agent.” –Marketing advice to all new Realtors It’s drummed into your head from your first day as a Realtor (actually before, at pre-Realtor training classes):  ‘Don’t be a secret agent” — invariably followed by, “identify and regularly communicate with your ‘sphere of influence'” (also referred to as your “farm”). It doesn’t have to be geographic —...
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“Stockholm Syndrome” — Realtor Version

(Over)identifying with Home Sellers “Stockholm Syndrome”:  a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from their captors as an act of kindness. –Wikipedia What’s potentially more harmful to...
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The Virtual Vending Machine

“Would You Like Fries With That . . . Program?” So, who just got the $1.99 I paid last night to watch a Season 3 episode of “Breaking Bad,” the terrific (dare I say addictive?) AMC series about a chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer: A.  Netflix B. C.  Blockbuster Video D.  DISH (pay-per-view) Answer:  B Once upon a...
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