November 8, 2010

Microsoft: ‘Buy the New Windows Phone. It’s Boring.’

Less Addictive Than Competitors’ Phones? “Less staring. More clubbing.” –Sales pitch, new Windows phone 7 Having let my post-election guard down a bit — fewer political commercials to screen — I unwittingly caught a glimpse of Microsoft’s TV ad campaign for its new Windows phone. Apparently, its message is that people who are so obsessed...
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Flushing Savers From Their Foxholes

“Certificates of Confiscation” Once Again? Certificate of Confiscation: 1970’s term for bonds, certificates of deposit (CD’s), etc. yielding less than (rising) inflation. How do you get people (and corporations and banks) to stop hoarding cash, and put it to work, stimulating the economy? Reduce interest rates to zero. But what if that still doesn’t do...
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