August 17, 2009

Low Interest Rates for Savers

1.5% in Really Big Type is Still . . . 1.5%Just a heads up to whoever writes the marketing copy for banks advertising “fat” interest rates on their saving deposits, CD’s, etc.: 1.5% in really big type is still just 1.5%. And it doesn’t matter how pleased the actors in the ads look.
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Nov. 30 "Witching Hour"

Guess Which Day Not to Close?? How much of the strength in the lower end of the housing market is due to the $8,000 tax credit being dangled by the government? The credit, available to first-time home buyers, expires Nov. 30. We’ll see in the next 30-60 days. That’s because anyone who wants to close...
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"Just the Facts (Fax?), Ma’am"

Presenting Offers Old-time Realtors — my definition is anyone in the business before there were faxes — may not know how to twitter or blog, but there is one skill that they excel at relative to newer Realtors: presenting offers. Once upon a time, Buyer’s agents would actually meet the Seller and their agent to...
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Ripple-Free Mortgage Markets

The Fed and Interest Rates If you follow markets — stocks, housing, you name it — two things catch your attention: too volatile, and too calm. The former is usually associated with rapidly changing, “macro” events that the markets are struggling to make sense of; the latter, somebody’s got their “hand on the scale” (at...
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