November 4, 2009

Alternative Financing: Back to the Future?

Contracts for Deed & Assignable Mortgages Last Fall, Edina Realty’s excellent legal department identified FHA loans and short sales as the two, big looming issues for Realtors to prepare for in 2009. Good call. So, what is Edina legal predicting will be big in 2010? Alternative financing. As in, contracts for deed and mortgage assumptions....
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Recycled Fortunes Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. –Genesis As it is with men, so it is with their fortunes. In this country, at least, it seems like vast business fortunes often get returned to the economy — or at least, media consultants — in the form of spending on political campaigns. That would certainly...
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Shrinking Supply

Market Tightens While No One’s Looking Quick quiz: When was the last time that Twin Cities housing inventory was as low as it is now? A. June, 2008B. January, 2003C. August, 2001D. March, 2006 Correct answer: D. What’s so significant about that? Tight supply — along with easy money — was the kindling that lit...
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Unserious Buyers: Top 10 Signs

Clients Who Drive Realtors Crazy Every Realtor has had them (myself excluded, of course). Who? The Buyer who doesn’t know what they want . . . and wants you to help them find it. Here are the top 10 signs that you may have such a Buyer on your hands: 10. They will consider everything...
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