Barack Obama

Revisiting The 2008 Crash a Decade Later: “The Neon Line” Connecting Barack Obama to Donald Trump

Saving Banks, Punishing Rewarding Bankers “In Sweden, if you ask a union leader, “Are you afraid of new technology?’ they will answer, “No, I’m afraid of old technology.” The jobs disappear, and then we train people for new jobs. We won’t protect jobs. But we will protect workers.” –Swedish minister for employment and integration, Ylva...
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The Yin and Yang of Presidential Politics

Effect of Internet, Social Media:  Faster Political Cycle(s) [Reader warning:  the following piece contains opinions likely to offend Republicans, Democrats, and members of various other political parties.  If you identify as one of those . . . stop reading now!  The views expressed are solely those of the author.] One theory extant in presidential politics...
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Half-Time at “The Crash of ’08”

Wall Street:  Tens of Billions  Everyone Else:  Trillions . . . in Debt If you are just joining The Crash of ’08 “in progress” (as it were), here’s where things stand: Wide swaths of the country are broke. Their houses are underwater, their jobs (if they have them) are under pressure, and their savings (if they have them)...
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U.S. Presidents & NFL Football Players

Obama: More Like Kevin Garnett — or Kwame Brown (Kwame who??) [Editor’s Note:  this post originally ran a year ago, right after the 2010 NFL draft.   The day after the start of the 2011 draft, it still seems topical — plus, I’m too swamped to otherwise post right now.   And yes, I saw that Auburn QB Cam Newton went first,...
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Obama, Wall Street, & Public Perception

The Necessity of Choosing Sides The guerilla wins if he does not lose. The conventional army loses if it does not win. –Henry Kissinger What does Kissinger’s famous maxim about guerilla warfare have to do with Barack Obama and Wall Street? That in every great engagement, there are always two battles being waged: the real...
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Obama, Lincoln, & Financial Reform

George McClellan Redux? Politicos will recall that much was made of Barack Obama’s admiration of Abraham Lincoln during and just after the 2008 Presidential campaign. In particular, Obama was said to have been influenced by Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, “Team of Rivals,” which studied Lincoln’s management style. Clearly, in picking former adversaries like Hillary Clinton...
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