September 3, 2015

Why It’s a Good Idea for the Realtor to Show Up 5 Minutes Early for a Showing

Keys, Keys, Keys I don’t recall ever being confronted with 3(!) deadbolt locks before — the case at an Edina duplex I showed earlier this week. Figuring out which one worked is just one of the challenges that Buyers’ agents face. First, they need to pop open the lockbox that contains all those keys. Step...
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The Yin and Yang of Presidential Politics

Effect of Internet, Social Media:  Faster Political Cycle(s) [Reader warning:  the following piece contains opinions likely to offend Republicans, Democrats, and members of various other political parties.  If you identify as one of those . . . stop reading now!  The views expressed are solely those of the author.] One theory extant in presidential politics...
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Staging Inside, Outside, and Poolside (Poolside??)

Universal Staging Principles How do you stage an outdoor, in-ground swimming pool in the backyard of a “For Sale” home? The same way you stage anything else:  by adding accents, focal points, and color — and removing clutter. For an outdoor pool, that means opening up any poolside umbrellas, arranging nearby lawn chairs, and throwing...
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