September 22, 2011

Jeremy Grantham on How Much Gold to Own

According to legendary investor Jeremy Grantham, how much gold should you own? At least for his own account, “just enough to mute the irritation of watching gold [prices] rise.” Not very scientific — but neither is investing in gold. And oddly, that formulation sounds just about right . . .
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I Suppose it Depends on Your Definition of “Nearly”

“This Property Sits on Nearly a Quarter Acre!” The agent’s boast (above) on MLS caught my eye, because the listed home is in a neighborhood — Seward, near the Mississippi River — not known for larger lots. So, I looked up the lot dimensions in Hennepin County’s tax records:  40′ x 129′, for a lot...
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Doing CMA’s For Home Sellers

Make that Three Times Once upon a time, I used to tell prospective Sellers that the Comparative Market Analysis (“CMA”) I was about to do would be repeated two more times. First, by the Buyer’s Realtor, trying to advise their client what to offer (and ultimately, to expect to pay). And second, by the appraiser dispatched...
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Today’s Stock Market

Did you know that General Mills’ stock went up more than $1 today? And yes, I’m aware that that’s not the news headline. If you’re like most people . . . probably better not to look.
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Half-Time at “The Crash of ’08”

Wall Street:  Tens of Billions  Everyone Else:  Trillions . . . in Debt If you are just joining The Crash of ’08 “in progress” (as it were), here’s where things stand: Wide swaths of the country are broke. Their houses are underwater, their jobs (if they have them) are under pressure, and their savings (if they have them)...
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