“Last Person on Earth Without One Capitulates, Buys iPhone” — Onion Headline, Circa 2027

Last Person on Earth Without One Buys iPhone Minneapolis Realtor Ross Kaplan, 67 years old, officially became the last person on earth to purchase an iPhone last Saturday. Leaving the Apple Store at Southdale, Kaplan said “my kids have been bugging me for decades to get one.  In fact, it was one of my grandkids who finally...
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Brand Extensions — Smart Phone Version

“Evo 3-D,” Anyone?  In a world where new cell phone models seem to be coming out daily, how do you tell which one(s) are the real deal vs. a flash in the pan? I subscribe to what I’ll call the “brand extension” theory — namely, if you want to know which products have a shot...
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Cool App’s — and Their Limits

App Explosion Urban Spoon.  Dropbox.  Around Me.  Evernote.  Keynote.  Wikihood.  Posterous. Those are just some of the apps — for smartphones and tablets — that I heard discussed (and extolled) at a Realtor conference this morning. Yes, I recognize their utility. And yes, I ‘m sure I’ll have my favorites by the end of the...
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Squeeze Play: Apple’s Lush Margins?

30% Commissions!?!  Where Do I Sign Up? How do you get to be the world’s second most valuable company? “Insanely great” products, to be sure. But also out-of this-world margins and fat commissions. Like 30% on every iTune it sells online. 30%! Full-service Realtors, who charge a measly 6%-7%, can only dream about such lush...
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