Newsweek’s Last Print Issue: 12/31/12

Casualty:  ‘Man of the Year’ Once upon a time — make that “Time” — the man of the year selections by print weeklies Time and Newsweek actually carried some heft. Now, with the imminent demise of Newsweek’s print issue, and Time’s version likely not far behind (proposed headline:  “Time Running Out?”), it seems . ....
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Movie Review: ‘Die Hard’ (1988)

Anachronism Overload Like fine wine, some movies just get better with age (“It’s a Wonderful Life,” from 1946). And then there’s “Die Hard,” Bruce Willis’ action flick from the late 1980’s. What accounts for the difference? I’d guess genre accounts for a lot of it. Specifically, any movie that’s based on technology and special effects...
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E-Cards Eclipse Paper

First Newspapers, Then Greeting Cards? As goes the Star Tribune (and Chicago Tribune, and Rocky Mountain News, and any number of now-bankrupt or extinct newspapers) . . . so goes Hallmark Cards? It’s hard to avoid that thought watching three kids — mine — react to the cards my five-year old daughter received on her...
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