February 5, 2012

Plumber Humor

(Your Graphic Here) Over the years (yes, years), jokes about lawyers, CPA’s, economists, and even rival brokers have graced this blog. But, I don’t think I’ve previously shared (inflicted?) a plumbing joke. In that vein . . . Q: What does the plumber (or handyman) say after he fixes your broken toilet handle (in our case, about 10...
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Movie Review: ‘Die Hard’ (1988)

Anachronism Overload Like fine wine, some movies just get better with age (“It’s a Wonderful Life,” from 1946). And then there’s “Die Hard,” Bruce Willis’ action flick from the late 1980’s. What accounts for the difference? I’d guess genre accounts for a lot of it. Specifically, any movie that’s based on technology and special effects...
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