October 7, 2009

Taking a Listing — Or Not

Knowing When to “Take a Pitch” [Editor’s Note: sorry, couldn’t resist the baseball metaphor, after last night’s dramatic Twins game!] Just as homeowners must weigh myriad considerations when deciding which agent to list with, listing agents must weigh a host of factors when deciding whether to take a listing. Yes, that’s right: Realtors turn down...
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Melt-Down Post-Mortem

Revisiting the “‘They-All-Did-It’ Defense”They all did it, right? That is, all the big-time U.S. commercial and investment banks got swept up in the rush to cash in the housing market boom — issuing subprime mortgages, booking origination fees, and re-selling securitized debt as fast as they could create it. Right? Wrong. It turns out that,...
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E-Cards Eclipse Paper

First Newspapers, Then Greeting Cards? As goes the Star Tribune (and Chicago Tribune, and Rocky Mountain News, and any number of now-bankrupt or extinct newspapers) . . . so goes Hallmark Cards? It’s hard to avoid that thought watching three kids — mine — react to the cards my five-year old daughter received on her...
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