True or False: a Condo Whose Monthly Association Fee is $300 is a Better Deal Than an Identical Condo Whose Fee is $500

Getting (and Wanting) What You Pay For You’d certainly think that $300 a month for Association dues is a better deal than $500, assuming two near-identical units. But, the truth is, the higher fee could be a (much) better value. How so? If it covers a long list of services and building amenities that the...
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Denver Builder: ‘We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building’

“You Know What They Meant” Dept. If a person (presumably a woman) can be well-accessorized, can a new condo building — in this case, a 34-story Denver tower called “The Confluence” — be well-amenitized? At least according to the builder, yes: “We’re looking for people who want to live in a highly amenitized building with tremendous views, close to...
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Better Than Rent! 1155 Ford Rd. #509 in St. Louis Park

Virtual Staging Magic (See Below) Where:  1155 Ford Road #509 (“Westmarke”). What:  2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo with an open floor plan, west-facing Deck, and deluxe Owner’s Suite with walk-in closet.  Total square feet:  1,200. When:  listed Dec. 4 (days on market:  10). How much:  $169,900 Who:  listed by Ross Kaplan, Edina Realty – City Lakes...
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Downtown Minneapolis Grocery Stores

From Desert to Oasis — in 5 Years Once upon a time — like 2008 — downtown Minneapolis residents had to choose between limited, overpriced corner convenience stores, and jumping in their car to go to a “real” grocery store in the ‘burbs. Today? Lunds has two stores — north and south — bracketing downtown, and a...
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Real Estate Term Du Jour: “Luxury Rental”

Define, “Luxury“ Is everything now a “luxury rental?” Put it this way:  driving around the Twin Cities, I haven’t seen many billboards trumpeting “spartan rentals” lately. So, are they?  (Luxury, that is?) It’s sort of like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s line about pornography (“I can’t define it . .  but I know it when I...
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