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Broken Clocks and (Some) “For Sale” Home Photos

April 12, 2020: Record Easter Snowfall in Twin Cities Thanks to a record 4″ (and still falling) snow today, area “For Sale” homes that had embarrassingly unseasonal exterior photos . . . suddenly don’t. But here’s an educated guess: even when warmer weather returns — 60’s are forecast here next week — the (literally) frozen-in-time...
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Realtor Selling Secrets — Listing Agent Edition

“To Update Exterior Photos Now or Not” — That is the (Listing Agent) Question I’ve previously shared the only slightly tongue-in-cheek secret for a Buyer’s agent to get a balky client to actually buy: have a plane to catch immediately after showing the client a series of homes. See, “Want Prospective Home Buyers to Buy?...
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Minnesota’s 2018 April Fool’s Joke

Unseasonal Winter Photos in April? Not This Year April Fool’s may have been Sunday, but the real April Fool’s joke arrived in the Twin Cities yesterday:  8″ inches of fresh snow continuing through today, and temps more typical of February than April (overnight low: nine(!) degrees). All of which creates a surreal feeling for area...
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Sunday Showings? Don’t Be So Sure

Star Trib: “Up to 10 Inches of Snow Expected in Twin Cities by Tonight” With snow still falling, and well over 6″ (original forecast) already on the ground, my guess is that lots of Twin Cities open houses and showings today are going to be scrubbed. Or at least delayed, like two of mine. That’s...
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Flattering House Photos — Exhibit A

Minnetonka Stunner There are plenty of homes that look flattering in a backlit photo, taken at dusk. But, you know a house is especially photogenic when the back of the home looks gorgeous. The stunning house is in Minnetonka; list price is $799,900. See also, “Fetching Home Photos“; “Back-lit Shots:  Now THAT’S Dramatic!”; “The Jack...
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So Much For That Spring Photo Re-Shoot

Suddenly Seasonal Winter Shots (Again) I’m sure I’m not the only Twin Cities Realtor who’s ordered updated — as in, non- Winter — photos of their “Active” listings. Based on today’s snow showers, looks like that’s a “scrub” for at least one more day . . .
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