Real Estate & Technology

Next Stage:  Integration + Ubiquity I have a few words of encouragement for Realtors walking around shell-shocked by the (accelerating) pace of technological change in general, and in the housing market in particular:  It’s going to get better from here. And easier. That’s because the next stage(s) of evolution likely won’t involve qualitatively new or different technology....
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Iceland’s (Volcanic) Ashes

Iceland’s Last Wishes For connoisseurs of dark humor, there’s a beauty on Twitter that apparently has gone “viral”: Iceland’s last wish: to have its ashes scattered all over Europe” — market analyst For those who don’t recall, Iceland’s (ongoing) banking crisis makes the one in the U.S. look like a summer squall.
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Twitter Overload

The “Fail Whale” Is every one’s obsession with Twitter tapering off? Apparently not: its system just crashed due to overuse. Or, I suppose it could also be the result of a hardware malfunction (or both?). . .
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Twitter Converts — and Skeptics

To Twitter or Not to Twitter (that is the question) Non-Realtors wouldn’t necessarily know it, but there’s a huge debate going on within the Realtor community at the moment about the need to get up to speed with — “re-tool” for, if you will — so-called social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Here’s...
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"Technology Losers" . . . and Ostriches

Technology Adapters: Early, Late . . & Never If you’ve yet to “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “Link In” (yes, they’re all verbs) or otherwise seriously partake of the orgy of social media apparently going on out there, I’m sure you’ll relate to the following: If Caroline Cua’s iPhone looked anything like her closet, where she keeps her...
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Online Shorthand, or, "Joke #37!"

Tweets, Grunters & Grimacers Every day, it seems like online communication is devolving into ever more succinct, real-time “bursts” of information. Other bloggers have noted this phenomenon as well: Perhaps [Twitter] is just the first step. The text-based Twitter will be replaced with an audio-based “Grunter.” Rather than spend a full 140 characters, you have...
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