August 27, 2009

Online Shorthand, or, "Joke #37!"

Tweets, Grunters & Grimacers Every day, it seems like online communication is devolving into ever more succinct, real-time “bursts” of information. Other bloggers have noted this phenomenon as well: Perhaps [Twitter] is just the first step. The text-based Twitter will be replaced with an audio-based “Grunter.” Rather than spend a full 140 characters, you have...
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New Construction: Condo’s vs. Rentals

Pendulum Swings Towards Rentals [Editor’s note:  this piece was originally posted last weekend.  I’m “popping” to the top of the list because it was lightly read before being buried by subsequent posts.  If you read it then, please just skip.] It’s time to accept that home ownership is not a realistic goal for many people...
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"As Is" Misconceptions

No Free Lunch Selling “As Is” is a popular choice for banks, estates and other third parties who don’t know the condition of a property (because they haven’t lived in it), and don’t want to be responsible for any repairs. Occasionally, however, “owner-occupant” sellers — especially ones with deferred maintenance — view selling “as is”...
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