Investors’ Quirky Earnings Calculus: Twitter vs. Apple

Putting a Premium on Potential — and Discounting the Present Any would-be stock market geniuses first have to wrestle with this seeming conundrum. Newly-public Twitter has negligible revenue (never mind earnings), but is valued at an astronomical $32 billion. The rationale? The revenue and earnings will come later. Meanwhile, Apple Computer’s $40 billion(!) in net...
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Real Estate, Twitter & Technology

“The More Things Change . . .” [Editor’s Note:  In honor of Twitter’s IPO tomorrow, I thought it was timely to re-run this post from more than 4(!) years ago, offering my perspective on how technology and specifically social media are impacting residential real estate.  P.S.:  Oh — and I was right about Susan Boyle,...
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“There’s No Free Lunch (or Company Cafeteria, or Medical Care, or Health Club, or Child Care or . . . . . )”

Google + Facebook + Twitter = “The Circle”: The Life of a Corporate “Thought Guinea Pig” (“Mind Slave?”) “What matters, counts, and what is counted, matters.” –old saying “Whatever is counted  . . . can be bought and sold.” –21st century update Las Vegas just has designs on its customers’ wallets. Google wants people’s souls,...
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Scouring Social Media for Intelligence on Prospective Home Buyers

Obstacle:  “The Creepiness Factor” “After a quick scan of his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintarest, and Instagram, here’s what I know:  “Likes” — Chicago Blackhawks, kickboxing, the movie “Die Hard,” and beer.  He meditates, he loves Indian food, and he’s crazy about his dog, Otis.” –Haley Dunphy, reporting the results of her online reconnaissance on prospective home...
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“Your Money’s No Good”

Boycotts, Social Media & Goldman Sachs [Editor’s Note:  if TV networks play re-runs during traditionally slow times of the year . . . bloggers can recycle old posts.   The following, which originally appeared November 13, 2009 (!), is one of my favorites.  “Your Money’s No Good” is also the title of the second book I...
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“Personal Frequencies”

“Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks” Once upon a time, two ham radio operators who wanted to communicate with one another had to first agree on a frequency.  More recently, someone who wanted to use their 300 or 1200(!) baud modem to get on the Internet had to do a “handshake” with the connecting service. How...
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