January 30, 2011

“Can I Borrow a Cup of . . . uh, Salt?”

Helpful Neighbors I’m not sure if neighbors lend each other cups of sugar anymore. But, when visitors to my open house today in Golden Valley slipped on the front steps, I knew I had to do something. So, I borrowed a cup of salt — the melting kind — from the next-door-neighbor (it helps if...
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Real Estate & Technology

Next Stage:  Integration + Ubiquity I have a few words of encouragement for Realtors walking around shell-shocked by the (accelerating) pace of technological change in general, and in the housing market in particular:  It’s going to get better from here. And easier. That’s because the next stage(s) of evolution likely won’t involve qualitatively new or different technology....
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“Breaking Bad’s” Vivid Cast of Characters

Uns(tr)ung Ensemble Walter White.  Skyler.  Jesse Pinkman.  Hank Schrader.  Walt Jr.  “Gus” Fring.  Saul Goodman.  Mike (the Fixer).  Jane Margolis.  Jane Margolis’ father.  The Assassins.  Badger.  Gail (the assistant chemist). And Tuco. Especially Tuco — perhaps the most electrifying villain since Kaiser Soze from “The Usual Suspects.” If a series can be judged by how many...
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