September 1, 2011

Done for September!

The standard advice given to would-be bloggers is to post regularly — ideally, at least once a week. If that’s correct . . . this blog is updated for September!
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Old Soldiers and Realtors

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. –General Douglas MacArthur Old Realtors never retire . . .  they just co-list. –Ross Kaplan In “What’s 100% of $0?,” I discussed the various scenarios when co-listing makes sense. Here’s one more:  an older Realtor is winding down their practice, and pulls in a younger associate to handle the...
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“Seller WILL Receive Feedback Directly”

Dumping on Sellers Unbeknownst to many Buyers, their Realtor receives a feedback form after each showing (and sometimes, before!). Equally unbeknownst to Buyers, their agents will occasionally use said form to  . . . . rather tactlessly dump all over the Seller’s home. So, the curb appeal is ” dreadful,” the condition is “atrocious,” the...
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What’s 100% of $0?

When to Bring in an “Insurance Agent” Question:  when is a real estate agent actually an insurance agent? Answer:  when they’re brought in to a deal by Realtor #1 who needs their expertise to clinch the listing. Every Realtor who’s been in business long enough has faced this conundrum:  a prospective client is considering hiring...
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“Personal Frequencies”

“Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks” Once upon a time, two ham radio operators who wanted to communicate with one another had to first agree on a frequency.  More recently, someone who wanted to use their 300 or 1200(!) baud modem to get on the Internet had to do a “handshake” with the connecting service. How...
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