Twin Cities snowstorm

March 5, 2018: “Take Your Child to Work Day” in the Twin Cities (Unofficially)

“Snow Day?”  More Like, “Unlimited Screen Time at Home” Day No, today isn’t officially, “take your kid to work day” in Minnesota. But, with an especially icy storm clobbering the Twin Cities the next 24 hours or so, that’s what happens — at least for some parents with small children — when all the local schools...
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From “Winter Wonderland” to “What, Again!?!” in Three Weeks

“Dog Days of Winter” Arrive in Twin Cities Even in a winter with too little snow (yes, there is such a thing), successive February snowstorms — plus continuing arctic temp’s — have many locals crying “no mas.” Which is problematic, given that the next big storm apparently is expected this weekend, scarcely 24 hours after...
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Minnesota Chivalry (in an April Snowstorm)

Chivalry isn’t dead, it just changes form. Today, it consists of giving your wife the 4-wheel drive and getting stuck with the decidedly non-snow friendly family minivan. “You’ve Got to Be $%@&!! Kidding Me!” If you don’t live here, we’re in the middle of 10″ of snow. In early April . .  . P.S.:  the...
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Twin Cities Snowstorm Aftermath (16″?!?)

High Temp Today: 17 Degrees* (Maybe) “It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.” –Timex watch marketing slogan The same could be said of the Twin Cities, in the aftermath of a 16″ snowfall yesterday — the biggest locally in two years. I got up at 5:30 a.m., expecting to shovel my way to the...
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Coals to Newcastle, and Bagels to Beth El

My sole duty this morning was to deliver bagels to Beth El synagogue, in Minneapolis suburb St. Louis Park. That’s where son #1’s bar mitzvah will be next weekend (very fortuitous timing, in light of today’s 10″ of snow in the Twin Cities). Traditionally, the upcoming “bar mitzvah family” provides the noshes for the bar/bat mitzvah...
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"Top Ten" Snowstorm Winners

Monday Night Football. Outside. Tonight. Not everyone in the Twin Cities is put out by the second major snowstorm in barely 10 days (the Dec. 10-11 blizzard dumped up to 20 inches locally, the most in 19 years!). Herewith is my “Top 10” list of snowstorm beneficiaries: 10. Kids who just got new sleds —...
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