“Dog Days of Winter” Arrive in Twin Cities

Even in a winter with too little snow (yes, there is such a thing), successive February snowstorms — plus continuing arctic temp’s — have many locals crying “no mas.”

Which is problematic, given that the next big storm apparently is expected this weekend, scarcely 24 hours after last night’s 6″ dump.

Gauging “The Kvetch Factor”

One of the surest ways to gauge the severity of the current Winter is to monitor the locals’ grumbling about same (if you know Yiddish, substitute “kvetching” for “grumbling”).

At least to my ear, this year’s crescendo is notable for its early start, and already loud volume.

“Winter of Our Discontent”

Minnesotans don’t really suffer “the dogs days of Summer” like people in warmer climes do:  it’s axiomatic that you have to have a Summer, before you can lament its passing.

While Minnesota Summers can be surprisingly hot and humid, they’re also usually quite brief.

Instead, about six months later, many locals predictably suffer what used to be called “cabin fever”:  the itch for warm temps, or at least a warm-up.

Perhaps that’s why so many Minnesotans seem to have an affinity with Arizona, the summer “Yin” to Minnesota’s winter “Yang”. . .

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