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Will Soaring Home Building Costs End Up in Consumers’ Lap??

Lumber Prices Are Through the Roof, Punishing Apartment Builders.” —The Wall Street Journal (5/25/2021). [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, or any other entity referenced. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.] Home builders nationally are facing soaring costs....
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Real Estate Marketing 101: “Alcove” vs. “Studio” Apartment

Is an “alcove apartment” easier to rent than a “studio?” Apparently, at least one Twin Cities developer seems to think so. So far, the term only seems to be a feature of the rental market: out of almost 1,000 condo’s currently for sale on the local (NorthStar) MLS, only five use the term — and...
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Endangered Species: Fern Hill Ramblers on .25 Acre (or more) Lots

High Demand Location Close to Lakes, Parks & Downtown Minneapolis Once upon a time — like, 1980 — there were about 50 ramblers on large lots in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. Today? I’d estimate that there are only about 30 left — make that, 29 after the recent bulldozing of 2512 Inglewood (photo,...
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Including Floor Plans — or Not — on MLS Listings

I don’t know about other housing markets, but at least in the Twin Cities, it’s not customary to include floor plans in MLS listings. In fact, I’d estimate that fewer than 1% of all listings have them. The two exceptions I’m aware of: 1) new construction, especially upper bracket and condo’s; and 2) homes with...
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“Spec House,” Defined

“Build It and They Will Come” Real Estate Development “Silicon Valley Spec House Seeks $42.8 Million.” —Headline, The Wall Street Journal. For the uninitiated, a “spec” or “speculative” house is a home that a developer first builds, then tries to sell. That’s opposed to a home that’s commissioned by/for an existing client, and built according...
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Condo Sales: When the (Very) Long Building Hallway is a Dealbreaker

Silver Lining: Indoor Exercise I’ve certainly had prospective Buyers pass on a single-family home because they didn’t like the feel of the neighboring houses or block. What’s the equivalent for a condo? I just showed a Minnetonka condo that was so far from the elevator — I’d guess about 250 feet, or literally a 2...
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