December 16, 2020

Including Floor Plans — or Not — on MLS Listings

I don’t know about other housing markets, but at least in the Twin Cities, it’s not customary to include floor plans in MLS listings. In fact, I’d estimate that fewer than 1% of all listings have them. The two exceptions I’m aware of: 1) new construction, especially upper bracket and condo’s; and 2) homes with...
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“Please Confirm You Received My Email?”: When Is That Request Appropriate? (Hint: not very often)

Realtor Email Etiquette: “Do’s and “Don’ts How do you effectively double the already large number of emails between two Realtors working on a transaction together? Have one explicitly request that the other acknowledge receipt of each and every email they send. Yup, I’ve run into agents who subscribe to that annoying practice. Which is why...
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