April 2, 2017

When it Can Make Sense to Overlook a $30k (or more) Foundation Problem

Location, Location, Location (Again) Normally, when a house has a major foundation issue, standard Realtor advice to Buyers is “run, don’t walk” (to something else). What’s the exception to that? If the home in question is on desirable lot in a hot neighborhood for tear-downs — and the foundation issue translates into a sufficiently hefty discount. Exit...
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When It Makes Sense to Show Clients a Home That’s Already Sold (“Wait . . . You Can Do That?!?”)

“Sold, Subject to Inspection” Why would an agent show Buyers a home that’s already under contract? Because the clients are (just) learning the market, and their agent is showing them the home for illustrative purposes only — that is, to educate the Buyer about how much/what kind of house can be had at a specific...
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