March 5, 2019

Condo Sales: When the (Very) Long Building Hallway is a Dealbreaker

Silver Lining: Indoor Exercise I’ve certainly had prospective Buyers pass on a single-family home because they didn’t like the feel of the neighboring houses or block. What’s the equivalent for a condo? I just showed a Minnetonka condo that was so far from the elevator — I’d guess about 250 feet, or literally a 2...
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“Minnesota Nice” Misconceptions

Reticent Scandinavians Loathe to Give Offense Thanks to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s recently announced Presidential campaign — and by now, her very well-documented “bad boss” rep — the national media is having a field day with “Minnesota Nice.” Unfortunately, they’re getting it completely, even spectacularly, wrong. Here’s just one example: “‘Minnesota Nice’ is a form of...
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