Twin Cities Dodges a Super Bowl-sized Bullet (by exactly one year)

Spared a Blizzard (sorry) of Bad PR Just imagine: if the Twin Cities played host to the Super Bowl this year instead of last, thousands of out-of-town visitors would now be arriving to a minus 35° wind chill — headed towards as low as minus 60°(!) the next two nights. That compares with an air temp...
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Turrets and Tunnels (But No Castles) by Minneapolis’ Cedar Lake

Other People’s Lake Views, or, “Not . . So . . Fast” Put it this way:  I’ve never seen a supplement on MLS for a turret before (the proposed home that goes with is pictured above). Here’s what it says on MLS: SPECIAL FEATURE!  The Turret area is designed to have a spiral staircase leading...
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What Should Nearby Home Sellers Say (If Anything) About Southwest Light Rail?

Coming Soon?  Maybe (and Define, “Soon”) The Twin Cities’ Southwest Light Rail line sure has traveled a bumpy path. And that’s just the discussion phase — never mind the actual route. The latest, uhh . . speed bump: Whether a stretch of the line in Minneapolis is to traverse Lake of the Isles and Cedar...
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Channeling Jon Stewart

“You Go. Then I Go. You Go,” etc.OK, so Jon Stewart delivered his version in front of more people, at last weekend’s “March to Restore Sanity” in Washington, D.C. But I served up my metaphor first: It would sure seem that traffic lights are one of the quintessential government functions. When they’re in the right...
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