November 5, 2010

Bernanke’s High Wire Act

Disconnecting the Heart Monitor In my post last week titled, “Approaching the Zero Bound,” I characterized the Fed’s plan to buy hundreds of billions ($600 billion, it turns out) in U.S. debt as a “hypodermic needle to the economy’s heart.” Actually, that analogy is not quite complete. The Fed’s money-injection plan, also known as quantitative...
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"So THAT’S Who’s Running for Governor!"

The (Lawn Sign) Tide Recedes First, a bit of explanation: thanks to the miracle of recorded TV and zipping/zapping, I watched virtually NO TV political commercials this election season. Second, I get almost all my news online, and have for years; so, I’ve become very good at tuning out all the commercial noise on the...
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Channeling Jon Stewart

“You Go. Then I Go. You Go,” etc.OK, so Jon Stewart delivered his version in front of more people, at last weekend’s “March to Restore Sanity” in Washington, D.C. But I served up my metaphor first: It would sure seem that traffic lights are one of the quintessential government functions. When they’re in the right...
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Photoshopped? Or not?

“The Balancing Barn” For the benefit of anyone under 40, “Is it live or . . . is it Memorex?,” was a famous TV commercial from the 1970’s, featuring singer Ella Fitzgerald selling audio tapes (remember those??) by asking whether the glass-shattering notes were hers live — or from a recording. Today, of course, there’s...
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